Not Solved Switching forum software, need help on final decision!
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Hello all, I apologize for creating another one of these threads, but I've been pondering for the past three days and have still failed to grasp one!

I'm currently trying to decide which forum software I should go with, but can't really set my foot on any yet. So far, I've narrowed my options down to these two:

1) MyBB
2) Xenforo

I've used Xenforo twice before, but if all else fails, I'll have to go back to it. Have to say, it wasn't really that bad, but gave me lots of headaches here and there. Was simply not fun to work with at times. The XenPorta add-on was the only thing I found really useful. Last time I touched this forum software was about a year and a half ago.

I know most replies will be subjective, or biased towards MyBB as this is a MyBB forum, but I'm asking here already knowing so. From past experiences with Xenforo, I feel that the community here is much more mature, interactive, and informational as opposed to Xenforo.

The type of site I'll be using this for is a relatively large gaming community forum. Nothing too crazy.

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Switching forum software, need help on final decision! - by streetdk - 2016-12-07, 09:34 AM

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