Not Solved MySubscriptions
Not Solved
So i have set it up and added a subscription VIP
but when people buy it they send the money the IPN works and i get this in the history:
[Image: 16db9210ee9eb99f78460626f3b8d61b.png]
But in the AdminCP when looking for anyone that bought it, it shows:
[Image: 269c80cb9ae6a51d0a6724bea3178d74.png]
all of those that are in there though aren't from people that have bought it thought that is just from me going to the link directly trying to figure the problem out. So from that i have worked out if i go to the link directly myself something appears but when i set up IPN to do it with the same link nothing comes up.
Please help asap as i need this fixed!

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