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[For 1.8] Focus - Responsive MyBB Theme - Now in 4 different colors - 25$ only
(2017-02-06, 11:04 PM)ForumDude Wrote: Hi WallBB,

Posting this again in the correct thread... Got the email and updated these four files, per your instructions:

Quote: Wrote:For manual updates, just take the following changes in templates and css files

Everything seems to work, except for search.  When I updated the search template, and try to do any type of search, it tells me something like "You didn't enter any search criteria" or something like that, but I clearly have a words entered into the "Search by Keyword" box.

Oh, and on the old search, "search entire post" radial button was pre-selected as the default.  Now, no button is pre-selected and selecting either one does not solve the error I'm getting (above paragraph).

Can you look into this?

I'm sending you my forum URL via PM.

Thanks so much - the rest looks to be just great.

Hi Forumdude,
Please check the latest version I sent as a follow up yesterday.
I had added fix in that, I checked your forum URL and I couldn't see the latest code on your website.

If you want, I can manually do upgrade on your forum.

- MyBB Heart

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