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[For 1.8] [Sale] Material - Fully Responsive For MyBB 1.8
(2017-12-29, 11:23 AM)chainz Wrote:
(2017-12-24, 05:09 AM)lavaskins Wrote: Update V1.5
Fixed some bugs in the templates, css
Upgrade to mybb 1.8.14

1. Is the profile cover image included in the theme or is it a separate plugin I need to install/purchase? Does require any other additional plugins in general? Also does it integrate will with MyAlerts
2. Also is it possible for you to change some things if I purchase? While the design looks awesome, it took a while to figure out how to use it.
3. The header image. Can We change that from a solid blue to an image?
4. is it also possible to make the forum index forum's look normal (like in a list form as text). basically I don't want the forum to be a image. Just regular text like normal themes have it. Also having the top navigation be stuck when you scroll down

1.I've integrated the plugin profile cover image

2.Want it to become the default, like the oneshoot theme?

3. Can add images to the header of the theme

4. Is there a way to lock this navigation bar so its always visible when you scroll ( )
mean that both nav and menu are fixed when dragged down

5. yes, Can you disable user color changing

6. I have done it mode, you can turn on the mode by going to usercp -> edit options -> Display posts in classic mode.

7.Sorry, I only accept payment via paypal and bitcoin

I can not send you the pm. If you see this post, you should active account if not active it
Expo - Fully Responsive For MyBB 1.8

Only $25

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