[Pushed] Group promotions bug
Upon editing a group promotion for registered length, and then revisiting the group promotion then the entry that you insert changes to something else. For example, from 2 months to 2 days. In the database, the entry is "=" (see below screenshots) I have confirmed this across three sites: 
https://creatorswave.com/ https://forumauthority.com/ and https://www.atlasindustries.info/forum/
These sites are: 1.8.9(Creators Wave and Forum Authority) and 1.8.10(Atlas Industries)

SQL code on the updating of group promotions
SET `title`='Legend', `description`='Became a Legend', `posts`=10000, `posttype`='>', `threads`=0, `threadtype`='>', `registered`=100, `registeredtype`='=', `online`=10, `onlinetype`='years', `reputations`=0, `reputationtype`='>', `referrals`=0, `referralstype`='>', `warnings`=0, `warningstype`='>', `requirements`='postcount,threadcount,reputation,referrals,warnings,timeregistered,timeonline', `originalusergroup`='12', `newusergroup`=16, `usergrouptype`='primary', `enabled`=1, `logging`=1 WHERE pid = '11'

[Image: dfb15b25fd.png]

notice how registered type is still = while onlinetype works just fine.
The registertypes that have "months" were manually adjusted through the database. While the ones with = were saved from the admincp. Even if you edit it in the database and then you make an adjustment from the admincp and save... it'll change it back to =

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