Not Solved MyBB GoMobile and Retro (All Responsive Themes) Quote problem
Not Solved
I have noticed there is a universal problem with responsive themes for mybb.

Not just on my forum, but on other ones, whenever you select a post to quote and hit 'new reply', the quote never makes it to the editor and one has to copy and paste the text, or use the fastquote in quick reply (which also has the issue of never appearing as a button in the post-bit.

I have tried a few 'solutions' but they never seem to work. Even when the theme is being used on desktop, the quote doesn't work. The only theme that works is the default theme.

A few other forums have the same problem and whenever I ask the admins, they reply with 'it's never worked, implying there is no solution. One of the forums I use has been going since 2012.

Also, I can't figure out how to change the color of the .thead and .tcat in the Retro Theme, I want to change the .tcat to black from blue, I did that, but nothing happens.

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