Not Solved [Error Message] search of a member in the Admin Panel no longer works
Not Solved
Hello my friend .m.,

I've (finally) run file verification tool now.

We have the message:

There are currently no templates which have been updated since you last upgraded.

So I've searched again (and others) my own nickname and still have the same problem.

But I have found something new!!
As in the picture, the search on the left does not work, there I get the error message (no user where found ....etc)

[Image: 8QZw.jpg]

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have just gone through the "other" verification tool (Home ยป File Verification)

[Image: XKq9.jpg]

editpost.php change:
Due to my problem dlete thread not work, I have edit the php (
I think that is the change in the File Verification?


I copied and inserted the contents of awaiting.php ( and uploaded to the server.

But I still have an error change ... why?

In cross reference mybb, the content is empty. What should I do?

Thanks in advance,

Hello community!
little UP..
Thank you for your help :-)

Have a good day,

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