Not Solved Unusual flow of visitors
Not Solved
(2017-05-04, 09:54 AM).m. Wrote: basically I'd suggest to remove guests access to ezgallery & viewing threads

So I'll make it for the regular guest user-group private and make an additional group to store my bots/ spiders in for SEO?

(2017-05-04, 12:12 PM)WallBB Wrote: There are a few important things you should check :-
1. Usergroup permissions
2. Proxy plugin to block proxy traffic(Usually bots use that)
3. Use of CDN for images to improve image loading
4. Use cloudflare or succri to prevent spam

That's what I will suggest.

1. Checked permissions - guests are disallowed post commenting.
2. Before posting this thread I already searched the internet to find possible solutions and I came across the idea of implementing the proxy plugin, but other people where arguing that this has little impact due to the fact that proxy IP addresses change all the time.
3. I could give that a shot is that difficult to implement?
4. Cloudflare and S are plugins? .. they only prevent registrations and posts I presume?

Thx for the ideas.
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