Not Solved Default Responsive ACP - Error with Radio Buttons
Not Solved
(2017-05-29, 04:47 PM)Alphawolf_Yasu Wrote: I've downloaded the Default Responsive ACP Theme for my Admin COntrol Panel.

After Activation of the Theme I can't find the Radio-Buttons at Home > Board Settings > Show Thread Options > Post Layout

How can I fix this issue?

Actually in the initial version this was not necessarily a bug..., but in fact you could click on them and they expand but as a previous user mentioned as well as I mentioned in response  that you had to click a rather small area to make it work..., of which is why it was assumed to be a bug here: * I even provided pictures there that showed it did actually function just not as the user wished.

I have been away from doing MyBB Stuff for awhile so I had not gotten around to updating this as of yet as planned, but, I will upload a simple update hopefully very shortly in regards to your request when I get some time:  *

* I just had to re-install my OS due to some issues beyond my control so as soon as I get a chance to install a localhost and get to this, it will be upped


[Image: Example.png]

Just a very very simple update here just to address this quickly..., I will update the mods site page shortly

.zip (Size: 661.96 KB / Downloads: 463)

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