[Rejected] Switching language programatically multiple time not working
(2017-07-07, 03:18 PM)broatcast Wrote: I think he mean he as admin using english, a new user register on his forum and he activate them in acp, then the new user who get activated recive the mail he get activated in english instead of italien, what he choosed on registration process.

thats how i understand his problem, but i have not checked it, so i can not comfirm if its a exist bug or not.

I see what you mean. But is that a bug with MyBB or just the way it's intended to work? If the board is sending automated messages I would assume that it should send them in the board's default language, not the specific language that a certain user is using. Feel free to correct me on this though, I haven't looked into it enough to see for myself.
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