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Not Solved [How To?] Display the Buddy list permanently
Not Solved
(2017-06-16, 12:09 AM)R34P3R Wrote: Your main issue seems to be that the URL you were using the iframe on does not exist, and therefore the code cannot display it. You need to make sure that the file exists on your server in order to use an iframe to display it. Secondly, for guest users there seem to be some issues with your site:  please see this image

Yeah for the site bug: I was doing some maintenance (changing url and some server stuff) New Website
For the first thing (Your main issue seems to be that the URL you were using the iframe on does not exist) it was cause i changeng url and server. SO now it exist's again. Still i have done nothing with code cause i don't know how to do it? I want the same style like the popup just to be displayed under my "NEWS - UPDATES - PATCHNOTES - LIVESTREAMS" How can i do that? yes with code and style like u said but since im a totally big noob what depends on that could you tell me how? with good explanation for really stupid people like me? please Huh Undecided

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