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Hi everyone,

I am looking into selling some cheap posting packages to help pay for hosting expenses during my free time. I guarantee high-quality post at least 2 sentences or more in each post. I will be accepting Paypal or Bitcoin as payment options.

Basic: (+3% loyalty discount)

10 Topics - $3.65
10 Posts - $2.40

Bronze: (+4% loyalty discount)

15 Topics - $5.55
15 Posts - $4.00

Silver: (+6% loyalty discount)

20 Topics - $7.40
20 Posts - $6.00

Gold: (+8% loyalty discount)

25 Topics - $9.15
25 Posts - $7.90

You can use your loyalty discount to reduce package prices! If you purchase 25 topics that cost $9.15; you get an 8% discount! Your next purchase will be $8.42 (0.73 off)! The maximum discount will be 30%! However, loyal members will occasionally get free additional topics/posts without charge.

Why should you buy from me?

I took 2 college English classes so far and earned an A in both classes. I completed 25 papers from my freshman year in college alone. I currently have a 3.78 G.P.A. and determined to get assignments done. In addition, I want to help webmasters get activity for their forum and help local communities.  

How to Order:

PM me with the following details to ensure the process goes smoothly. If you are not clear, your order could be postponed and take longer due to confirming information.

Paypal order form: (I will email you an invoice)

Paypal email address:

Bitcoin order form: (I will send you a payment request)

Wallet address:
Best Regards,

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