[$$][Need]Custom Chatroom Plugin
Chatroom Plugin.

The Plugin will be something like IP-Boards older Chatbox function. The plugin will create another tab in the toplinks, and the chatroom will have its own page. The chat will resemble the design that of "The Dollars" chatroom from the show Durarara. Avatar will be put on the left with the username centered right below the avatar, then a text bouble will follow it on the right(all on the same line). Each user will be able to choose their own Text bubble color using a hex editor.


Instead of the new messages coming from the top and going down, ours will have the new messages starting at the bottom and going up. The "Send Message" box, to type in will be below it with a nice simple design. 

The chat notification sound will use the same one from the durarara chat, I'll provide an example when this part comes up. 

The Chatroom page won't only be the chatroom though, it'll feature a MediaBox thats controllable by a "/play {video link}" command. The video box will be below the chatroom, and next to the media box will be a box that shows the current active users in the chatroom.

The chat will shout messages like:

"Chester has logged out."
"Chester has logged in."
"Chat will be cleared in approximately 15 minutes."
"Chester has been banned from {site name}."
"Chester has been promoted to {group rank}"

I also want the chat to have a bot that will shout a message like this:

"!A New Thread has been submitted in the {forum name} Section by {username}!"

as an alert when a new thread has been posted in a certain forum, will be linked to the Rules/Announcements/Updates section only.

/me command, I'm sure you know what a /me command is so yeah just add one of those. Make it so that it puts the text centered in the chat and doesn't include the avatar and stuff but it centers the text and dispays as ">>{username} {whatever they typed as the action}" etc.


Now that we've pretty much got the basics down, this section of the information will discuss Staff Permissions.

I want chat Moderators to be able to:

-Edit/Delete Chats/Messages
-Time Out Users for a period of between 15 Minutes to an Hour, whatever values I want. I want to be able to change them myself.
-Vote to Ban users, this basically will send a PM to the forums Administrators(not in the chatroom but in the regular PM function) and they'll fill out a form that goes:

"Requesting Ban For User:
Situation Summary:"

Then for Administrators, I want them to be able to directly ban someone from either the entire site, or from the chat alone for whatever period time they choose directly from the chatrooms administrative settings. I also want Administrators to be able to: Log users out of the Chatroom, Time Out Users, revoke/remove chatroom command permissions, and edit/delete their chats.


We'll likely discuss things in greater depth once we're working on it of course and some things might either be added or removed.

As I've stated in my previous request threads, don't bother hitting me up with "I charge $xx.xx per hour" or whatever, that just makes things difficult in my opinion. If someone can give me a solid price then that would be preferred.

I should also state that I don't really care if you use another Chat plugin as the starting point and just go from there, in fact I feel as if that might even make things easier but I don't really know because I'm not a Plugin Developer.

Let me know.

P.S. Plugin is for an Invite Online Private Forum, "chat systems ruin activity on boards" isn't really valid with this one but thanks.
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