[Pushed] SMTP authentication problem with DIGEST-MD5 or CRAM-MD5
(2017-07-06, 09:39 PM)Euan T Wrote: 2.0 is using SwiftMailer under the hood to handle mail attachments and more.

Laravel ftw!

@OP: I agree, there are definitely a lot of good free PHP mail wrappers out there but the issue is just integrating them with MyBB fully, as Euan said. You have to consider then that the licenses for any third-party libraries need to be respected and included, and MyBB itself will have to maintain an updated implementation of the library and include it with each new release since most board owners are likely not using any package management tools themselves. Maybe try to push the code up yourself and become the hero you were born to be Big Grin Big Grin

Also never heard of icewarp, but their SSL cert is invalid and the site forces the connection over HTTPS. Too lazy to add an exception so I'll check it out whenever they fix that.
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