Not Solved SQL and other errors after Upgrading from 1.2.12
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So I inherited an old neglected board from someone else, which I imported onto my server a while back without issue. However, it needs upgrading in prep for moving it to a Linux server as I'm migrating from hosting under Windows, and to eliminate lots of Deprecated errors from PHP, which seems like a good idea before moving the site to a new host with newer apache, newer MySQL, and newer PHP...

After following the "Clear as mud" instructions during which process everything appeared to go well, I subsequently can't access the board, getting the following error instead:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error:1146 - Table 'mybb.mybb_mybb_themes' doesn't exist
Query:SELECT name, tid, themebits, csscached FROM mybb_mybb_themes WHERE def='1' LIMIT 1
Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support.

Though oddly the admin CP did load.

After trying this and that with no progress, I resorted to restoring the forum files, which got me a whole new crop of SQL errors, and no access, so I tried to import the backed up database, using  PHP My Admin which refused to claiming no database is selected...

I've had to resort to restoring a disk image of the ENTIRE server (fortunately taken just a few hours prior to the attempted upgrade) just to get the board back online.  Which sadly did lose me hours of work elsewhere on another vHost, sadly not backed up at that point Blush I should know better than attempting anything without everything backed up (even unrelated stuff).  Shame there's no smiley for :frustrated:

Any Ideas how to proceed from here and actually get current from MyBB 1.2.12?

Additional Information: Wrote:Server OS: Windows 7 Pro (fully updated)
Webserver: Apache 2.4.9
MySQL: v5.6.17
PHP: v5.5.12

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, I have little experience with MyBB, somewhat more with the competition (SMF) but I'm in no way any sort of web developer or guru.  I'm also now back at square 1, and a little reluctant to simply try over again with no pointers as to how to prevent wrecking everything a second time!

Please request more info if needed.

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