Automatic Hit Point system
On my forum - we have an HP system that we have been testing for a few months now and it seems to work.  The problem is that we've been doing all the updates and deductions manually for every character when the month (in character) changes.  So I'm coming to you lovely ladies and gentleman to see if there's a chance of getting a plugin like this created/commissioned/if it exists (which I can't find)/or if it's even possible.

What the plugin would need to do:

Every 10 days (or on manual activation of hitting a thing 'run plugin' etc) it would need to :

-Deduct a certain % from a staff-defined field (a custom profile field is what we're using right now) for characters in a certain usergroup.  (Rogues/Loners/Whatever you want to call them)
-Add a certain % to the same field for characters (over 2 years of age) in multiple different usergroups.  (Being members of prides)
-Add a certain % to all characters under 2 years of age as they grow.. This % would stop when the character hits 2 years old.
-Not go above a 'preset' amount for different characters.


-For each month a character of any age doesn't live in a pride - they lose 3% of their HP..  
-For every month a character under 2 years of age survives to live another month - they gain 4% HP.  
-For every month a character over 2 years of age lives in a pride, they gain 5% a month.  
-Some characters have a permanent HP reduction due to injury/disability.  (For example a character missing a limb has less overall HP than a character with all their limbs intact.)

If this isn't possible - we can keep doing what we're doing now, which is manually updating these every 10 days- but as we get more characters, it's starting to become more difficult to make sure we get everyone properly.  I'm not all that familiar with the ins and outs of how coding the plugins works so I honestly don't know if this is even possible to create in a plugin.  

The biggest hurdles are that the prides are constantly changing - so one month we may have 5 and the next we may have 7 completely different ones.. So it would need to be possible to change the usergroups that the plugin uses for the different routines that it would run.

We're willing to commission this as well - I would just need to know the ballpark figure.

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