[Rejected] Strange error based on a mess in database!?
I have two strange errors and I suspect a "little" coruption of the data base :Smile

I access ACP / Users / NameOfUser / Options / Account Settings / check Recive PM's from another users 

After I press Save, I recive this error:

"The following errors were encountered: The username you entered already exists. Please enter a different username."

It's clear that I tryed to change an option not to create a new username...

Another error:

Yesterday I search for another specific user and when I click his username in ACP / Users / Options , the system showed me a mix of  personal dates from another user under Profile tab  (username, email) and some dates from the user searched (avatar, signature). I tryed with another user and the system showed me the same situation with the same mess / mix between the same username and the new searched username...

What happens with my data base or tamplates?

Thank you,

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Strange error based on a mess in database!? - by Lyvyoo - 2018-02-21, 12:57 PM

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