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[For 1.8] Impulse Dark
(2019-02-28, 01:20 PM)vintagedaddyo Wrote: Now to the previous post and why it prompted me to respond as this kinda rubbed me wrong so I figured I would mention a different perspective of the same issue. Developers and designers are human too. Many are still here, many are not. Some attempt to keep updating, when and if they have free time, others do not. Some projects fizzle out due to minimal interest or other reasons and sometimes particular projects are simply discontinued but still available here as an archive. One thing to remember is not only are they real humans with actual human lives, but they also do this for free, so perhaps that should be taken into account when looking at said issue without judgement.

I agree with you on this. Yes, they are human and I am human too. I appreciate their work with my gratitude, but when I am trying to helping a community, a vast network of users, I should be aware of my responsibility towards them. Developers have great power, "but with great power comes great responsibilities". I am doing something for FREE that doesn't leave me any scope of neglecting it. At least I don't look at it in that perspective.

(2019-02-28, 01:20 PM)vintagedaddyo Wrote: Let me tell you a story, just for an example: many folks did not know that for a good while I for example was homeless living on a bicycle while sitting on the side of the road or wherever in whatever elements no matter the hour doing updates and support via a mobile phone and yes sometimes certain projects fell behind. When I could get electricity to charge the mobile or a laptop I would do updates..., often times the people demanding help or updates or support from me on my time and my dime had no clue what I as a human being and not a machine may have been going through irl, fortunately that is no longer the case for me and yeah as far as some of my projects I will update them from 1.8.19 to 1.8.20  if and or when my free time allows if and or when I feel like it and yeah some I may not because that is my choice as is the same for any person whom dedicates their free time and work to any such community or project. I shared just one example of one scenario with one contributor, you never know what may be going on that may be causing said delays or what not. Also most of these contributors have real life jobs, families, and other responsibilities that often take priority. So you see there is always a real life human factor to consider and a bit of appreciation to perhaps find no matter how frustrated the end user may get because the things they downloaded for free might take some personal labor, tlc and or learning to get it working for their usages. Also, since these kind folks are doing stuff for free, remember that gratitude goes a long way, though people tend to forget such and couldn't be bothered to say donate to their favorite projects in appreciation and or support or as a motivational factor or what not. Imagine this, if all those kind hearted contributors of free work..., started saying umm, complaints?, yeah, umm, pay me. If it is so easy, and doesn't take any time, then why not simply help any dev out and contribute your time and your mind helping on this update or that or if not then try spending some time doing support here and see how time consuming that also can be? Just sayin, food for thought. Ironically  I was and am doing some other updates at the time of this comment. Wink

I really salute you for your sense of responsibility. If I were in your position, I might not be able to do that at all, even might not think to do that at all. But, I think you will understand my situation when you see that most of the themes become incompatible and breaks if you try a little bit modification. Many plugins are incompatible and breaks the whole site.

Regarding doing something for free, I think you know about Joomla. It also comes for FREE and it has a huge plugin base and man, so many themes, 70% of them are free. But they have a very strict rule, either you update it or you take it with you and that's why, Joomla is the most secured CMS in the world and that's why they are getting funding. If they can do it, why not MyBB?! With due respect to the developers here, the developers of free plugins, free themes for Joomla, also are human beings and they also do that beside their work and family life. But because of that strict rule, they are very aware of their responsibilities. I am doing it for free, that doesn't mean that I would be reluctant when a vast community is depending on my work. You can say, "then go to Joomla". But Joomla is quite a different thing and when I need a forum only, it is not practical to use a huge CMS like Joomla.

Regarding appreciation, I appreciate the works of the developers here, but it is fact that appreciation from people comes for a price and that 'price' is sacrificing a part of time we have. No one can deny it. But that appreciation makes the path more smooth in the professional world.

Note: I have also tested your theme on 1.8.20 and it is working fine as far I have tested it. Thanks for your work and help and your awesome reply. Hope, if I need some help in future, I could come to you for answers.

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