[Rejected] Custom user view modification issues.
In ACP when you save your custom user view and share it with other people with access to ACP then they will get "No users found", but as I was checking this with my friend there was actually a lot of people found by this view on my account, and on his "No users found". This is weird, and often it repairs itsels after some time (it can be as long as week).

Also another bug (maybe?) - when I save custom view it's no longer possible to select all users displayed in one page with that checkbox near view name. It will visually select, but when I click on specific user to not include him it will deselect everyone. Also when ACP has that visually selected user, when I choose to eg. delete them ACP just shows me an error that I have not selected any users.

IT MAY be my forum installation, because I am currenty about 3rd or 4th admin there and I am fixing almost everything (well almost 99% fixed right now, so it's most likely not issue here).

Well maybe you would be able to confirm that issue. If not then well need to dig deeper into database and other things, maybe there's still something I need to fix.

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Custom user view modification issues. - by MinusPL - 2018-04-06, 01:12 PM

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