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(2018-06-07, 02:47 PM)Serpius Wrote:
(2018-06-07, 05:30 AM)effone Wrote: First, always make sure to give your thread title reflecting the problem you are facing.
Second, if you describe exact what changes you are looking for then we can help in details, however for modifying stats in index take a look at 'index_stats' & 'index_boardstats' templates. There are other templates too related to index stats all grouped under "Index Page Templates".

Isn't primarily an English language based website?

I have ZERO clues what the original posterĀ is talking about in his/her post due to them using their native language.

Not everyone is a native English speaker. When someone posts in a different language, it would be helpful to identify that language and post the message in both the original language and at least a Google translate of the message into English. I don't even recognize what language hieund speaks.

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