Not Solved [How To?] i'm new member, i looking for help
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(2018-06-07, 05:33 PM)effone Wrote:
(2018-06-07, 02:47 PM)Serpius Wrote: Isn't primarily an English language based website?

I have ZERO clues what the original poster is talking about in his/her post due to them using their native language.

Look at the post now. It was posted first. After my reply he edited and spammed.
Late Edit spammer. I have banned him.

Aha... a spammer. Those damn fools!

I have a customized plugin to handle carders, but not spammers because spam bots literally post different types of spam. 
This particular spam in this thread is a perfect example of this.

Those are difficult to identify and remove the offending posts and ban the user account.
I'm Serpius and You're Not    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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