QA and better documentation on releases
(2018-07-06, 07:05 AM)drguild Wrote: I am very sorry and sad myself to hear that people don't seem to care.

I myself faced the same thing when running Minecraft and every other thing I tried to take a active roll in, I would join somewhere and eventually end up running the place or maintaining organisation due to my own high standards of polish and ways to properly do things while everyone else didn't care.
Its one reason I quit running the Minecraft server as well as the trolling and also a reason I left one I.T volunteering place as I was pretty much the only one that could do anything to a capable standard when others didn't care then told me off for trying to maintain that.

So I can relate in my own life.

In no way was my post above a way to take a stab it was more a reflection of what I have seen and read the last few releases in the most mature logical business minded I can be as this is how I try to live my life on most things.

I greatly appreciate the condolences on your behalf for the team to the community, there are good people out there that won't just defend and throw things back at the community (have also experienced this before)

With myBB 2,0 it looks like it could possibly be in a position to take on SMF PHPBB and even the likes of Xenforo as a free board and why I chose this over SMF, PHPBB etc plus the backend was very simple compared to them.

I would probably suggest currently you have team meetings about improving the outward community focus and interaction and engage here in the forums with the community asking for input on changes on how things could be done to improve this.

You could even make a temporary board dedicated for customer feedback on customer relations etc, do surveys etc.

Don't be afraid to ask for the community to tell you how you improve your outward focus and management systems its a invaluable tool.

Also as you mentioned you don't have the user base for internal testing I would recommend public testing versions with a warning that there will be bugs and issues and to use at risk.
Its a way to gain bug reports  and release a version publicly  like 1.9 was but with a beta tag that shouldn't be used on critical production boards.

This is a way to solve the bug issue for 1.8.17, release a public beta for a few weeks as a 1.8.17 RC, then fix up any issues for the stable see how that goes on a few versions and I can assure you things would improve.

I completely understand most people care only about their forums, me I'm trying to start a community but its hard when forums are no longer the 'thing'

With 1.9 and 2.0 things have a chance to really improve and it shouldn't just be the code, its also a chance for new procedures and a chance to work closer with the community.

Also are there any back end processes you can automate to help with the load?
I know the ReactOS project had issues with not having enough developers so they took some time out, automated and created new tools even diagnostic tools for a lot of there back end systems and procedures which has helped increase workflow as well as being invited to Googles summer of code and working on community focused and wanted features now like themes and certain applications the community wanted compatible etc to increase recognition.

Stuff like that will go a long way compiling a list of user wanted features and getting some of those prioritised as well as new back end tools and stuff.
So its something to consider with polishing up back end processes, being more open to public with the development process and working more with the community with feedback, surveys, feature requests etc.

First thing is to find out what we all need and want and would help to bring more people into into helping and contributing even bug reports on betas etc.
Microsoft opened up with windows insider and it was a huge success mby something a MyBB insider could work here with priority versions for testing to well known plugin and theme developers etc or anyone as long as people give feedback on them etc.

All things to take to the team and think about.

In regards to people "not caring" about doing beta testing, the main reason is that a lot of people don't have the time and/or resources to do extensive beta testing.

As for people as myself who are running a forum based website, the majority of us are not coders, nor do we understand the detailed aspect of SQL databases. For whatever reason why we are running a forum based website should NOT ever be a hindrance in running one.

My reason for running my forum is different from DrGuild's reason for running one, but regardless of the reason, developers (be known as for the rest of this post) should NEVER assume that we are both alike in coding and SQL experience.

Yea, I can see some of you high-end coders telling me and others that we need to learn PHP and CSS. Why are you forcing us to learn this? Why are you hiding behind the rationale that because we don't have a certain academic background that we aren't worthy of running MyBB and shouldn't be running a website? Really? Really?? should never assume that everyone will understand the details of Diff files or understand things like modifying template files.
I have seen a number of threads/posts on where admins like myself are clueless and some get treated like we are a bunch of dummies. That's bad customer service!

When I started running my forum website about 19 months ago, I had ZERO experience in understanding a lot of the AdminCP stuff, but today, I am far more comfortable, but I took me that long to really be confident in making changes here and there.
A lot of the new admins are in a similar situation as I was when I started out. Please for the sake of the future of MyBB, don't treat those new admins like dummies. It's not cool and looks bad on MyBB in general.

In the situation regarding 'Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly?' issue, I could not believe some of the responses by that we admins "should have known better" and "should have read the Diff reports". Seriously? It was largely because of ONE line that was missing.
How would someone like myself know this? This is one of those times where could have taken the high road and made a thread or sticky a thread like DrGuild showing how to fix it, but give step-by-step instructions. Don't throw those fixes in and expect everyone to know what the hell you're talking about.

Getting off the 'soap box'.
I'm Serpius and You're Not    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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