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Hi Old Bird,

I installed mybb 1.8.17 and use mysql 5.1.73 and php 5.3.3 on Centos 6.9.
All the functions works fine, except Instant Email notification.
I can send mail to from User profile -> User contact details. There is a link call " Emails: Send xxx via email"
I have successful receive such mail from mybb forum. And I can receive massmail for PM message every 15min.

But I can not receive Instant Email notification for thread. The system mail log do not show any message for subscription mail message. I think this subscriptions is not executed.

I checked php source code, the massmail.php only give PM message and mail flood, it do not use post. In massmail.php, Line17/18

17 require_once MYBB_ROOT."/inc/functions_massmail.php";
18 require_once MYBB_ROOT."inc/datahandlers/pm.php";

I think it should include "inc/datahandlers/post.php";

Well, I register this forum and select option "Subscribe and receive email notification of new replies" below. And I don't receive any update email neither.

Does anyone have such experience on EMAIL notification?



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