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Luxor Forums - Whitehat & Community Forums

search indexing is complex and every service has its own trademarked methods on how they work it, the main factor is content and the relativity of that content.

themes have very little to do with things most bots ignore style sheets as such it is the data on the page they look at there are heaps of articles around the net about this whilst google now do a mobile first approach to indexing it is the structured data they look at and how the pages content is relative to this. This is where meeting standards in how you list the information on your page is important.

The idea of the them is for the user it is the same as a brand and how a user identifies your brand. many guests spend very little time on a web page if it does not appeal to them visually they will search on for something more pleasant to them.

I do get and understand why you want to reward your registered users and that is a big part of it without them you do not have a community, if the aim is to grow that community how many people are turned away by that "first impression".

Like a job interview that first impression counts.
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