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(2018-09-05, 10:07 PM)LewisPotato Wrote: Hi,

I'm setting up my warning system and I've setup some warning types already (with points higher than 10, had to modify via database) and I want some suggestions on what warning levels to have.

I've added a attachment of my current warning types so I can get the best suggestions for my warning level system.

Changed all warning points to 1 because I didn't know 50 points would be like 100% and so on. -facepalm-

This is my warning levels. I use the 100 points system.

NOTE: Do not make all of your warnings set for 1 week. That doesn't make sense.
The more severe violations should be set for longer durations.

[Image: 8f5232cc341f89b5ce3ad4eaca9b2b1b.png]
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