Not Solved Can't access certain templates (403 forbidden)
Not Solved

as i said, i've contacted my web admin who has whitelisted my IP. he cannot disable modsecurity from their end because i'm on shared hosting, but adding a disabling code does nothing to fix the issue in either the public_html or my subdomain mybb board.

ramnode (my host) has even whitelisted my IP, and nothing has changed. i can't make real changes to my template codes without a 403 error upon trying to save, no matter what device i use (i've tried on my phone and another laptop on my network, and have tried accessing it from another location/network.)

at this point i'm considering just totally uninstalling and re-installing mybb, but i've already done that once before, and it was very messy. should i go to the admin support section of the forum so someone else can replicate the problem and go from there? i haven't been able to access my forum in 6 days, and i'm paying for it to stay up, so i really need to figure out how to fix this. thank you.

i decided to just re-install mybb and restore all the tables. it works fine now. i don't know what the problem was, sorry to anyone reading this in the future from google--just re-install it. the issue was clearly something in my installation files, since the actual database was fine--hence it coming up clean in verification checks, etc. perhaps i accidentally bumped some sort of security option when installing a modification or something. thank you both people who tried to help!

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