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This looks like a deleted thread, not a regular thread.

Regardless, right click on the thread(where you want to change the color) and click "Inspect".

A window on your right should pop up with the site's template and the CSS that is used for that specific style of thread(so if it was deleted, that's how all deleted threads would look like). Since you know what the CSS says, you can use this to find where it is located in your theme. Most of these will be found in global.css , so I would suggest looking there first.

Here's an example -
You can see that in the bottom right I have the CSS that is being presented, each of the separate lines can be "checked" to be active or not, so you can see that the "background: rgb(36,36,36) none repeat scroll 0% 0%;" was unchecked, causing half of my threads to turn to the default background color(which on my theme, is black)

If you're having trouble figuring out which one you need to modify, you can also click on the color box right after where it says "background:" and it will bring up a menu to 'change' the color locally. You can use the magnifying glass to click on the color you wish to change, and then just CTRL+F the color (either #abcdef or rgb(0,0,0,0) ) in your "Advanced Style Editor". Make sure the class names are the same (in my example, .trow1 {}).

To change the color for everyone globally, go to Admin CP > Themes and Templates > Themes > YourTheme > global.css > Advanced Style Editor.

I'm sure someone else who is more qualified than me will give you a much better way of doing this but this is how I've gone about setting up my site and you tend to get the hang of it pretty quickly, and it's always nice to see changes done locally before implementing globally.

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