Hide From Guests_Users v2.1
Plugin: Hide From Guests

Another plugin developed by me for myBB 1.4 updated to work with 1.6 and 1.8

Description: The content of the posts is hidden from guests or selected groups of users. Instead of the content will show  a selectable number of characters plus a link to login or register pages. 
It is also hiding: links, attachments, quote, images, signatures... The user groups and forums are selectable from AdminCP. 

How to install: Copy provided files in your forum root Multiple language files are available on request: hebrew, indonesia, arabic, etc. 

After installing Hide from Guest v 2.1, you can activate it from the setting section of the AdminCP
Set the user groups and forums for witch do you want the things hidden. 
Beside the message body all the other are independent so you can choose to hide only one or two .. or everything 
If used the hide contents of the post will hide everything and will leave visible only the number of characters set by you. This means the links, images, signatures, attachments... will be hidden by default

Test forum: none yet I will activate it from time to time at: Temporary Test
License: License
Download: Download

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