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[Image: PRLScreen1.png]
[Image: PRLScreen2.png]

PixelRacer.Life is an online pixel car racing game that has been back up and running since May 2018. It has existed in one form or another since around 2016, but I started taking it seriously in May of 2018 with a fresh MyBB installation. So we use MyBB now and have a ton of plugins (maybe too many haha).

Several custom plugins as well have already been created to make our game function a little smoother.

We are currently having a plugin developed that will completely automate the process of our game instead of using forum posts for all of it so that it will be more like a point and click type of game.

Appreciate any feedback. There are several things that aren't finished yet or still need to be completed, but always open to feedback!

Loving MyBB and the community here after using vBulletin and Xenforo for many years. Our theme is created by iAndrew with modifications by myself. He has been instrumental in helping me get it all set up.

Pixel Racer Life

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