Not Solved Issue With GentalDark Series: Part 3 ACP Theme
Not Solved
(2018-10-22, 07:26 AM)vintagedaddyo Wrote:
(2018-10-22, 04:30 AM)Serpius Wrote: @vintagedaddyo

Look at the screenshot below. I got the errors you see at the very top of the screen. 

I have blurred out the real folder name to make the default 'admin' folder more secure. 
(for this thread, let's call that folder 'xyz123')

You can see the versions of MyBB and PHP in the screenshot.

Did I do something wrong here?

[Image: 66015b4a7d8de1ecccc493f70d731534.png]

Edit style.php approx line  1449


  function generate_select_box($name, $option_list,
$selected=array(), $options=array())

    function generate_select_box($name, $option_list=array(),
$selected=array(), $options=array())


I had to fix both Gentelive and Gentelpan styles.php files.
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