Autor-Informations left over the full height
(2018-11-16, 10:33 AM)Banker Wrote: Hello everybody,

I am currently directing a MyBB forum visually and have the author information on the left side (classic view) pulled.

Now it is in the default setting so that the author information does not go over the entire amount of the post. There is always a bit of space up and down and if the post is quite long (and therefore quite high), the author information is quite small.

In the attachmet a snapshot, what I mean exactly.

My wish would be to place the author area (light blue) always over the entire height from top to bottom of the post. This is not possible for me with my limited knowledge of CSS, unfortunately, have pushed back and forth a lot.

Does anyone have an idea how to implement this?

.... on the site in question, go to your UserCP , click Edit Options.
for example:

then under Thread View Options

Display posts in classic mode. << make sure box next to it is "UNCHECKED" , then scroll down and click "Update Options"

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