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[Unfinished] Dusky | A rebil reskin
I really do like the Rebil theme made by Jason.L

only thing is that i also like dark/grey themes which rebil doesn't have.
I saw that someone else on this forum also tried this two years ago but that was never updated.
thats why im reskinning it. Since the license is GNU public v3 there should also be no problem with re-releasing it.

So far i made most things various tints of grey and some text white. i still have to do some work on those however.

my site is public so try breaking it if you wish Smile

So far:
[Image: qb18fw0.png]

I will update this occasionally

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[Unfinished] Dusky | A rebil reskin - by marceltjeg - 2018-12-24, 07:31 PM

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