[Rejected] why is the text on the forum so big? (mobile)
Hi, i want to install new 1.8.19 version MyBB. If i create test forum and add text.
In desktop is everything ok, but if i check in on mobile phone, text is so big.. why ?

I use only two custom styles, i try it too without these styles and looks the same.

#container {
min-width: 1145px;

.wrapper {
  width: 990px;

In left picture is forum with a lot of text (the text increases and the smileys get smaller)
In right picture is forum with one sentence text (here everything looks alright)

Is it possible to solve the situation from the first picture ?

[Image: 9WSj6Wn.jpg]

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why is the text on the forum so big? (mobile) - by PT82 - 2019-01-27, 12:33 PM

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