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Since, I wanted to convert my SMF forum into MYBB forum so I wanted to know a few things before I do that. 

I have a few problems in SMF and one is obviously the look is old and not mobile friendly. There are a few more issues.

I wanted to know:

Is mybb forum mobile friendly? I mean its themes are responsive to change width according to screen size?

Can I set different rules for post count based member groups and the special member groups (Like moderators).

Actually my forum is an edu forum of my school. I want all the students in the post count based group. All the people who are not the students of my school will also be in the post count based member groups. 

All the teachers will have a special group which will not be a post count based and only admin of the forum will be able to add teachers in that special group. (All the teachers will not be moderators). So this special group will not be a moderator group...

Now, I wanted the students or other members of post count based member groups to be able to post links of other sites after a specific number of posts, let's say 50....

While the special group of teachers will be able to post any link right from the start...

Will that be possible in MyBB??? It is not possible in SMF. I am using Anti-Spam-Links Mod on SMF. In the settings of this mod, I have placed 5 as the number of minimum posts after which member can post a link...

Due to this setting, even I (administrator of the forum) not able to place link. (I have special account from which I don't publish posts. I just use that to edit the posts of members. I tried to edit one post which had a link. I don't wanted to remove the link as the link was posted by a teacher, but I was not able to edit the post as there was a link and I was not able to publish that edited post because my post count was 0....).

I hope this is not complicated for your people as you do these types of things on daily basis and you can understand what I wanted to ask. 

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