Not Solved [Performance] How many forums/subforums is reasonable to have?
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(2019-03-06, 09:31 AM)Daruu Wrote: Hello,

I currently run a narrative roleplaying site with ~150 forums (between forums and subforums). Almost every one of them represents a zone on the map.

Currently I've not run into any problems at all (I do have disabled jumplists), but I wonder, just how many forums I could add without expecting some performance impacts/problems with database queries and all that? Just a curious question, and something to have in mind, because I've not created more zones out of fear, haha.


At one time, I used to have over 100 forums and MyBB had no problems running that many forums/sub-forums.

Now, I have trimmed it down to 40+ forums and MyBB still runs good.

It all depends on how good your MyBB set up is and how good your hosting service set up is. 

Both are important factors in a smooth running forum based website.
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