Solved: 3 Years, 5 Months ago [General] Strange Bug?
Solved: 3 Years, 5 Months ago
(2019-03-07, 01:55 AM)canadacommunity Wrote:
(2019-03-07, 01:43 AM)vintagedaddyo Wrote:
(2019-03-07, 12:29 AM)canadacommunity Wrote:
After upgrading from myBB 1.8.19 to MyBB 1.8.20 today, i noticed when aligning text in a thread/post with center code it doesn't work anymore, before the upgrade the center code was working fine? Any ideas what can be the cause of this problem?  in the photo attachment below I have circled what I am referring to as the aligning (center code).

center this text?

It appears to be working fine here at least. I assume this is only present on your install?
Also it looks like your image is actually centering the text but hmm not my area of expertise.
Hopefully someone with experience in this area may provide a fix for you

That's correct it works fine on here but not on my board since the upgrade today.  Sad

Again not my area of expertise but did you read this? as it does discuss some issues with sceditor and not writing bbcode manually:

* i mention this because if i copy what you wrote with the existing bbcodes and try to center it..., the issue occurs here..., but if I write it out manually it works as it should, so I suggest perhaps re-submitting this in the bug report section and perhaps someone hopefully with more knowledge of the specific issue may perhaps focus on it.

* other thing I noticed is that it appears to be trying to center the text but on long run-on sentences with non manually edited bbcode it appears to misfire / not function correctly..., though when you press enter to break up long run on lines and drop a line it starts centering..., but again your guess is as good as mine and for the meantime I would just either manually type everything, or make sure to manually press enter to force lines to separate and or just use the source editor in the meantime because it functions properly.

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