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Hey Guys,

Our site is running mybb 1.8 and has been around since 2013. We are using the Square theme from the mybb community store. We are a self-help, self improvement forum for talking about our subliminal audio products that we sell on our shop website. 

Shannon, the owner, makes a living by creating and selling subliminal audio on our shop website. We have the most advanced subliminal audio available on the market today and have years of forum testimonials from hundreds of users to back it up. The forum serves as a place for members to keep a journal about their subliminal usage and also to ask questions about usage. Our users love it! The general feedback is that users find it helpful to keep a journal to track their progress while listening to our subliminal audio. The forum makes it easy for members to ask questions and it also makes it easy for staff members to chime in and answer questions. We find that the forum is great for advertising and does a wonderful job of displaying real user reviews to potential customers. We feature user's forum posts on our shop website as reviews. 

Another benefit of the forum is that it allows rapid and direct customer service and feedback from all of our staff members. We still offer email communication but the extends our communication and our users like the opportunity to get to know the staff members and the ability to crowd source feedback and advice from different perspectives. Journal thread titles include the name of the subliminal they are listening to which makes it easy for users to relate to each other's progress. We feel that users have a much more personal connection with the product as well as the creators versus using a traditional online store that only has email communication. 

We love the mybb platform and could not be happier. Thank you MyBB!
- Cyanide & Subliminal-Talk Staff

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