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Looking for help upgrading a 1.6 plugin to 1.8
But this plugin does more than that already on 1.6.

- Runs an automatic IP check matching the database, and will list a total count of matches found. Clicking on the IP link will bring up a list of search results.
- Puts up a notification on the board itself, so we know when someone is waiting to be moderated. I don't think the custom view would do this.
- Additional WHOIS links of the IP are also attached, so we can just click it open to review the info, in case it's from a Proxy or Data Center.

As I said, this functions much differently from the built-in one, which seems extremely lacking.

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RE: Looking for help upgrading a 1.6 plugin to 1.8 - by weBex - 04-07-2019, 08:46 PM

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