Not Solved [How To?] Show the forum managers on index page.
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(2019-04-30, 03:11 AM)WallBB Wrote:
(2019-04-29, 09:15 PM)tphe1234 Wrote:
(2019-04-27, 06:44 AM)WallBB Wrote:
(2019-04-26, 08:12 PM)tphe1234 Wrote: It's super important i would like to hear any idea about this subject even if it might not work.

If I understood correctly, when you are assigning a group to manage a forum, it will show as forum managed by group. You will need a plugin to show the users or make core changes. Are you okay with this ? Or if you are following this method, you can also add a link to forumstaff page which will show users on that page.

My favorite solution is to follow the first method, i.e. add a user as a moderator to the forum and which will show the user to forum page by default.

It seems like you have an idea on how to achieve what i am looking for.
As i said before i have to use the assigning groups as moderators method on my forum.
I've tried both solutions (core editing and plugin developing), I've never developed a plugin before so i've followed two guides but still couldn't come up with something to fix "my problem" it's seems like im lacking knowledge in the mybb variables.
And when i tried to edit the core i've looked into 'index.php' and i couldn't find the rows which are printing the forums, i was searching for a while loop as this what i would've done to print all rows from a table but couldn't find a loop i think it's built a little bit different because of all the templates system.

Basically i am stuck, i would appericiate any help but since you were the only one replied to this thread i am quoting your reply again in hope that you will see it.

Thanks, Afik.

I will write for you this week and send you a PM with it Smile

Thanks alot, much appericiated!

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