Not Solved Thoughts on reducing memory usage?
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Already switched hosts once already this year.

Currently with Hostwinds.

Edit: Though, if I had to re-host again, I'll probably switch to DigitalOcean as I have had my fill of shared hosting, and it can't be drastically different from Amazon AWS. 

Basically whenever showthreads is accessed or someone goes to post, the forum usage goes to a very high value, like 15-30 MBs, regardless of forum users online. 

The forum isn't crashing now that I have disabled a large number of tasks, and I/O usage is limited at least one or two days a week. 

I'll ask the support at Hostwinds about /usr/sbin/httpd -k start showing high memory usage.

Only other thing I can think of is that when I enabled SMTP mail it crashed the forum. 

The database or apache may have gone haywire in the process.

So I might just wait for whenever the next myBB update is, and try and fix it then. 

As long as it is working okay, that is really all that is bothering me. 

Already spent enought days with mysql and checking the forum files.
Summer classes have started for me, so I am just leaving it for now, rather than pulling my hair out.   Smile

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