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(2019-05-28, 09:27 AM)Whiteey Wrote: I'm developing the myBB forum off of locahost to save a bit of money , i've got it installed using wamp and everythings going ok. I'm in the installation wizard for myBB and need to create a database. It says the database details can be got from your webhost but I am my webhost..? If I type into the URL : localhost/phpmyadmin I just get taken to a login page for myPhp admin but I've never created an account or anything.

Any ideas?

Your answer will be found HERE.

Scroll down to the section called 'Database Configuration'. 

Use the WAMP's MySQL to create a new database BEFORE you install the local MyBB. 

Record the exact name of the database you just created, then proceed to the step at 'Database Configuration'.
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