Not Solved Creating database off of localhost?
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(2019-05-28, 10:02 AM)Serpius Wrote:
(2019-05-28, 09:27 AM)Whiteey Wrote: I'm developing the myBB forum off of locahost to save a bit of money , i've got it installed using wamp and everythings going ok. I'm in the installation wizard for myBB and need to create a database. It says the database details can be got from your webhost but I am my webhost..? If I type into the URL : localhost/phpmyadmin I just get taken to a login page for myPhp admin but I've never created an account or anything.

Any ideas?
Quote:Your answer will be found HERE.

Scroll down to the section called 'Database Configuration'. 

Use the WAMP's MySQL to create a new database BEFORE you install the local MyBB. 

Record the exact name of the database you just created, then proceed to the step at 'Database Configuration'.

Thanks for your reply , got scared at first thinking id forgot my password but I just left it blank and everything worked fine. Thanks again.

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