Not Solved [General] 4 Separate small issues [please help][urgent]
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Hello, I previously posted a thread about the issue I was having with images not posting. I'm still having this issue and unsure of how to go about fixing it still. I have come across a few more bugs that I'm also unsure of how to handle. If anyone can help me get this sorted I would be greatly appreciative


- Users are having issues with login. Either not able to, or they need to try multiple times.  They get a message saying :

- The images are not posting, here is the error message requested in the previous post:

- When something pops up, like the popup login box or the popup reputation box, it appears in the far bottom left-hand corner, sometimes unreachable.

- When I use the align, or center function in a thread, it doesn't stay like that, it all reverts back to the right, once I post it  

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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4 Separate small issues [please help][urgent] - by Camf△ - 2019-06-17, 02:52 PM

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