[Pushed] Being "hidden" isn't so hidden if you know where to look
I noticed it years ago, but it has been flagged again today

As you know, when a member sets their profile to "hidden" others can't see when they are online, or when they were last online.  However, if you go to the member's list page and order the members by "Last Visit", the (Hidden) members will be ordered in relation to when they were online, so is easy to determine when they were last online, or indeed are currently online

As an example - on this forum right this second, I can tell that despite being hidden both "iAndrew" & ".m." are online right now (or within the last 3min)

It's not a major bug, but something hidden members probably don't want others to determine so should be attended to IMO

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Being "hidden" isn't so hidden if you know where to look - by NotAdmin - 2019-06-29, 02:46 PM

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