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(2019-08-07, 08:33 AM)ArtForums Wrote: Currently my forumdisplay_thread template is as such:
<div class="inline_row bottom-border {$thread_type_class} row small">
	<div class="col-lg-1 text-center padding-8px hidden-xs">
		<span class="tt thread_status {$folder}" title="{$folder_label}"></span>
	<div class="col-lg-5 padding-8px">
          <span>{$prefix}{$thread['threadprefix']}<span class="{$inline_edit_class} {$new_class}" id="tid_{$inline_edit_tid}"><a href="{$thread['threadlink']}">{$attachment_count} {$thread['subject']}</a></span>{$thread['multipage']}</span>
			<div class="author">{$thread['profilelink']}</div>
	<div class="col-lg-1 text-center padding-8px">
		{$lang->replies}:&nbsp;<a href="javascript:MyBB.whoPosted({$thread['tid']});">{$thread['replies']}</a>{$unapproved_posts}<br>
		{$lang->views}:&nbsp;<a href="{$sorturl}&amp;sortby=views&amp;order=desc">{$thread['views']}</a>&nbsp;{$orderarrow['views']}
	<div class="col-lg-4 text-center padding-8px padding-right-22px white-space-nowrap">
		<a href="{$thread['lastpostlink']}">{$lang->lastpost}</a>: {$lastposterlink}{$modbit}

At the moment the space around the thread status is way bigger than it needs to be, i've hid it on mobile because of that specific reason, what i'm looking to do is make the section around the thread status smaller.

theme im using:

Kinda not much to go on without looking at the relating css but,  just a thought since there is a padding class, looking at renaming that in snippet then copying that class in css and editing the new renamed class for your specific needs??

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