Please Clarify the MyBB Support Policy
While, I can only speak for my thoughts and no other, I tend to try and give support to most anyone that asks for it if my time allows as the very concept of sharing is caring, knowledge is power and sharing knowledge is kinda a big part of a community and is often the very reason behind many a  project / software creation from the start, though I tend to set the lowest priority on helping anyone I know is running a cracked/leaked site, not just becaause of the fact that it is a site that promotes piracy but simply also because it is about a behavioral pattern. These crack/leak sites often charge money over and over for the content they know is illegal to provide via their website, yet, if you give them support even once, or teach them this or that via support request replies, the requests never end as they have a brain wired for seeking perpetual handouts rather than learning and growing from the experience. As they are in the business of earning off an army of users whom also have the mindset of gaining perpetual handouts..., I find that is why, while I tend to try to not deny folks help if and or when I have free time to do so, I do have very little motivation to help owners of cracked/leaked sites.

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