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(2019-09-03, 11:24 AM)makpaolo Wrote: So if I were to place in a new group, making it only view the forum/threads and not profiles would suffice?
Yep. This is what I mean. You may want to read my comment below.

(2019-09-03, 11:27 AM)Crazycat Wrote: Not really sure of how Google will react: it will see the links and get an unauthorized page, so it may indexes them but not with a relevant content.
Or tag the site as gray one because of different links leading to the same page...

The way Google is working/indexing is really obscur. Personaly, I don't care about SEO and indexation, my forums are really specific and I don't try to have a lot of users, I just manage help communities Smile
You're right.

Besides Google, there are a lot of other search engines and spiders or bots. Not all of them are doing in the same way, or not all of them are good bots regarding complying to robots.txt. So, we can't for sure whether they'll index a page. The only way is to limit what they can see and this is the forum owner's responsibility.

For MyBB, we can set the permissions to off for unwanted content accessing by user groups. It's also applicable to do it on the http server, but that seems overkilled.
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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