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(2019-08-25, 10:23 AM)Wolfseye Wrote:

Just installed HELP CENTER, but it does not show any links to it on the index. And I am already using the default theme. But nothing, doesnt show up.

I already did what was suggested in the plugin download page.

Didnt help. I mean, i could understand if i were using a Custom Theme, but shouldnt it at least be visible in the default theme ?

Help center does not install a link the extra menu manager plugin installs a link. Anyhoo, sounds like I may either need to look at the menu manager plugin to see why it is no longer working as far as the insert as the the rest of the plugin is still working or say add a link insert in the actual help center plugin. Haven't looked at either plugin in awhile, so thanks for letting me know.

The reason I haven't looked at the menumanager plugin in awhile was that I updated it awhile back, sent it to the plugin developer and they took over with the updated version via their mods site link the included menumanager plugin in help center is a modified version of the other plugin I updated simply modified to add a help center specific link by default. The plan was not to keep that plugin in help center but to eventually remove it and add a menu insert in the help center plugin thus no longer needing the menumanager plugin. So since I had planned that I kinda ignored  improving the menumamager plugin further

As far as the help center plugin, it wotks fine, as far as the menu manager plugin, yeah as you pointed out I need to fix that and since it is pointed out I can add it to my to do list, but, the edit you say does not work does actually work as you can see here:

[Image: Screenshot-20190825-094146.png]

[Image: Screenshot-20190825-093347.png]

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