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[For 1.8] Live Cryptocurrency Prices - Display live cryptocurrency prices
(2019-09-29, 02:28 AM)Serpius Wrote:
(2019-09-27, 07:09 AM)Synx Wrote:
(2019-09-26, 12:10 PM)Serpius Wrote:
(2019-09-26, 07:04 AM)Synx Wrote:
(2019-09-25, 05:26 PM)Serpius Wrote: Does this plugin allow the admin to select which cryptocurrencies to choose from?

I did not see any mention of that in the MyBB Extend page that you have linked.

At the moment it does not have that feature, but that is a nice suggestion. Thank you. Big Grin

I know for myself, I am only interested in about 6 cryptocurrencies at this time. That is why I asked you about this option.

That would be a very nice feature to add to this. If you do this, I will add this plugin to my website.

[Image: KvmVTya.png]

As requested, pushing it to GitHub and MyBB mods now.

That is great that you are adding this feature into this plugin.

But... a question... actually, two questions...

How are you determining this list? I mean... are you picking the top 10 cryptocurrencies? Top 20? 

Which source are you using? CoinMarketCap?

It's from's ticker you can find here: - It simply grabs all the cryptocurrencies they offer and displays the USD value.

I have had some issues with CoinMarketCap with rate limiting, hence why I used - I will create a new one with CoinMarketCap if there are any requests for it.

I develop custom MyBB themes and plugins.


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