Not Solved [How To?] Download DVZ Shoutbox.
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(2019-12-23, 08:44 PM)mTurtle_ Wrote:
(2019-12-23, 05:28 PM)qwery Wrote: I don't understand the part: 

1. upload the package from "UPLOAD" to your MyBB root directory
2. add CSS from STYLES.txt to your board stylesheets (e.g. global.css)
3. add {$dvz_shoutbox} to your index template
4. install the plugin in the ACP
copy all the text from STYLES.TXT, go to the ACP (yourforum.tld/admin/) > Themes & Templates > Your Theme > global.css > Advanced edit (at the top) > paste everything you copied at the bottom > Save
Hopefully that answers that question. Big Grin
Thank you so much, but I found the problem with it.. The ShoutBox is not copatible with the Emerald theme.. THX anyawy Big Grin

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